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Hanyu Tamaki
Tamaki Tamaki
Owner Miss Fish, Mr Frog, Mr Turtle, Mr Bird, Mr Cat .。
She likes animals very much but she does't know about animals well.
She can speak to animals.
Let's learn about animals with Tamaki


Miss Fish

Miss Fish
Tamaki's Goldfish.Female.
She wanted to Kyouko study Fishes.

Mr Frog

Mr Frog
Tamaki's frog.Male
He is very old.
His white suit is Tamaki's doll.

Mr Turtle

Mr Turtle
Tamaki's turtle. Male
He is young.
He speaks clearly.
Red-eared slider.
Tamaki always change his Aquarium.

Mr Bird

Mr Bird
Tamaqki's bird.Male.
He is Narcissist.

Mr Cat

Mr Cat
Tamaki's cat. Male.
His name is Tama.
He speaks slowly.
In winter,he always sleeps with Tamaki.


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