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Summary table of vertebrate

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The food chain means Predation Relationship.

The extinction of animals, also population growth of the new land, development, overfishing is due. Almost humans activity.
And,This happens by alien species Doing expulsion native species.

Trade of animals and plants that are specified in level one of CITES requires import license and export license.

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

chemical substances means the river is dirty. For example, it dripping into the river hazardous substances, by using the synthetic detergent,The water is contaminated by spraying pesticides.

PM2.5 is a substance of 2.5 micrometers in diameter. It is contained in such smoke exiting from the factory and automobile exhaust.
Decline in lung function  if it enters the lung . And we cause  respiratory problems .

Minamata disease is due to   organic mercury   . Because it  has flow out sea and river. organic mercury eat fishes then eat the fishes eat the human due to the disease.

Ozone layer is the atmosphere that protects us from harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun.
Ozone depletion is caused by . carbon dioxide and methane, freon gas produced by human . freon gas .

We must act something!

Fishes Conclusion


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Mammals Conclusion



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