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Motive, and intent of the research

We were investigated animals because I was interested in the relationship of the earth problem and animal.

Global warming is a famous quote.
But, environmental problems do not end there.
There is such as "destruction of the ozone layer" and "environmental pollution".

And we think damage animals is such as seals and polar bear.
But sometimes animals can cause damage to the environment.

Thaat's why we made this Website.

We have brief introduction to "food chain" and "endangered species".
We made ​​a WEBsite that is easy to understand for everyone.

There are two reason of examining vertebrate.
The first is that our school textbooks are written vertebrate.
Vertebrate is well bred as pets.
So we fell close.

Please look at the WEB site of our.


Let's look in order!

If you look from top to bottom, you can see the site along the story.


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