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○How to read WEBsite???


In this WEBsite,will introduce the relationship between animal and global environmentof the now topic .

I introduce from the one about animals in relation to it.
Also, I put a lot of pictures that we have taken at Ueno Zoo, Sea Life Park and Chiba City Zoological Park.
So it becomes easy to understand about animals do not know.
Please look at this WEBsite If you have any that you want to find out about animals.
Who accidentally opened this WEBsite also I welcome.

How to read WEBsite???

Please look from the start button below the viewer a WEB site for the first time.
You can read a story in order from there.
If you push Development button you can see from the story.

You can see them by topic if you choose the button on the left and top.
Menu above is a developmental content. In the menu on the left, you can see what that show in order.


↑Let's look in order↑

↓You can see Animal and earth ploblem page there.↓

Animal and earth ploblem

※This site has been made ​​to use to see from the start button of the above.


This site has become interactive with a unique character.
So it is easy to read even the person who does not like to read text.
You can see the character introduction from the side menu.


Let's look in order!

If you look from top to bottom, you can see the site along the story.



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